Free Online Tennis Betting Tips & Predictions - August 2020

Free Online Tennis Betting Tips & Predictions - August 2020 24


Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world and the popularity of tennis is the same as cricket in India and it is reflected in the topsportsbettingtips community. Each day and every match we posted our community’s tennis experts post their tennis betting tips covering both ATP and WTA events. Our Tennis betting tips are posted for traditional markets such as match-winner and tournament outrights as well as popular alternative markets such as set winner, game-winner, and a broad range of handicap markets.

Finding today’s tennis betting tips at topsportsbettingtips is simple. Our tennis betting is the best betting tip and you and three most tipped tennis matches displayed at the top of the tennis betting tips page with the number of tips posted on each.

You can also find today’s tennis betting tips by referring to our daily tennis schedule. The daily tennis schedule lists the day’s upcoming tennis matches with the number of tennis betting tips posted for each match displayed. Click the match that interests you to view the tips. To extend the schedule, click the Load More button and additional tennis events will be displayed. To view the entire day’s tennis schedule including tips, live scores, and results. View more from our blog section.

All tennis betting tips at topsportsbettingtips feature the following information:

1. Time and date of the match or event

2. Competing players

3. Select Tournament

4. Tipster name and their tipster rating

5. Bookmaker, current odds and odds took at the time of publishing tip

6. Bet type and market

7. Prediction

8. Tip preview and analysis

Contact us  topsportsbettingtips will also allow you to follow your favorite tipsters and their tennis betting tips. You will receive real-time notifications when any tipster you follow posts a new tip so you can take advantage of the best tennis betting odds available. You can stay ahead of the game and the bookmakers with topsportsbettingtips tipster follow feature.

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All content at topsportsbettingtips is free. This not only includes our bookmaker reviews, educational content such as the topsportsbetting Academy, our free bet, and other promotional recommendations but most importantly, it includes free tennis betting tips.

All betting tips and predictions posted at topsportsbettingtips are posted thanks to our dedicated community members and are free to everyone. While we encourage users to sign up with topsporsbettingtips to enjoy the enhanced benefits that go with being a community member, our tips remain free and available to all users, whether you’re a committed community member or casual visitor.

Should you pay for betting tips? No. Numerous betting sites offer subscription-only betting tips, demanding outrageous fees for tips while providing little to no documentation to support claims of long term profitability. At topsportsbettingtips, not only do we record the performance of each tipster in our community but all tips including our tennis betting tips are free.

While there may be services demanding payment for tennis betting tips that do turn a profit, such tipping services are few and far between with tip followers paying out ridiculous sums in terms of fees while sustaining losses on their betting accounts, in the hope of landing a genuine expert tipster.

But why pay for betting tips at all when there are tipsters among the topsportsbettingtips community generating profits across a broad number of sports including tennis. Find experts posting profitable tennis betting tips and begin following their predictions today. They say ‘you get what you pay for’ and at topsportsbettingtips, you get great betting tips free of charge.

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What do our top tennis tipsters think about today’s matches? What are our best tennis bets of the day? Enhance your betting performance by following expert tennis betting tips at topsportsbettingtips. Our top five tennis tipsters (ranked by career profit) are listed on this page’s right sidebar. You will also see our current top tennis tip ranked by tipster tennis profitability located at the top of the right sidebar. This is the best tennis tip currently posted by our topsportsbettingtips community.

Who is our community of expert tennis tipsters? topsportsbettingtips has a large community of high quality tipsters boasting years of experience, posting expert tennis betting tips in locations across the planet from Europe to Asia, North America to the Southern hemisphere. Our expert tennis tipsters possess tremendous tennis insight with a nuanced understanding of how to apply their knowledge of tennis to the dynamics of sports betting, posting tennis betting tips across a diverse range of markets.

Our community’s tennis betting tips aren’t just focused on Match Results. You’ll find tips for a broad range of markets including Set Result, Total Games Over/Under, and Total Points Over/Under just to name a few. What makes our tips even more attractive is that they are absolutely free. If you’re looking for the best free tennis betting tips you know where you’ll find them.

We believe we have the best tennis betting tipsters anywhere on the internet. There may be other tennis betting tipster sites around. It can be difficult to spot which sites are reliable and offer consistently profitable predictions. At topsportsbettingtips we do things differently. On each tipster’s profile, you’ll see the total profit and yield that tipster has made to date. This allows you to take tennis betting advice from only the most successful tipsters and follow their free tennis betting tips.


There are many contributing factors to the popularity of tennis betting. There is the dual-outcome nature of the sport, with the natural ebb and flow accentuated by its point-game-set nature. This creates a dynamic profile of betting markets for bettors to take advantage of.

Adding to this, both the WTA and ATP Tours host tournaments every week with up to four tournaments being played at the one time with the four Grand Slam tournaments the showpiece events of the tennis year. Both the WTA and ATP tours provide exceptional betting opportunities for the tennis punter.

The ATP and Challenger tours both have events that take place on grass, hard-court, clay, and indoors. Each of these environments plays to the strengths of different players. This makes tennis one of the most nuanced and interesting sports to bet on.

When betting on any sport it is important to have a number of betting strategies to implement. This is key if you want to win tips consistently making the most of your tennis predictions and bets. The topsportsbettingtips Academy is the world’s number one resource for sports betting, with insight for every sports bettor, from beginner to experienced.

Our tennis betting guide is no exception. You’ll find everything you need to improve your tennis betting, from how to bet on the full range of popular tennis betting markets to our detailed how to bet on tennis guide. If you’re new to tennis betting, here are a few pointers from our tennis betting guide:

Bet only when there is value

Crucial to sports betting regardless of the sport. If you can find a tennis betting market to exploit, you’re well on your way to improving your betting. Finding value isn’t about predicting the correct scores, but it is about finding value in a given market.


Tennis offers so many tournaments, grades, and markets to bet on. Find your niche, specialize, and make the most of your knowledge.

Have accounts with a number of bookmakers

Taking the best odds available as often as you can is key to improving your betting returns. If you’re limiting yourself to one or two bookmakers, you limiting your chances of success.

Keep a Record

You don’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been. Keeping a detailed record of your tennis betting is crucial if you want to take your betting to the next level.

Look for the suspect seed

While they may be highly regarded and ranked among the world’s best, not every elite tennis player is moving on up. Look to spot the fan-favorite who may be in decline or set for poor performance.

Understand service and returning

The serving and return game is crucial, particularly in men’s tennis. Developing a nuanced understanding of the dynamics of the service game will improve your tennis betting.

Be aware of playing styles

Developing an intimate understanding of how the world’s best tennis players approach their craft will again improve your betting particularly when it comes to alternative markets.

Head to head matches

Consider the recent history between the two competing players. While distant history may not prove to be a reliable guide, taking a look at recent results may be enlightening. Consulting tournament previews is always worthwhile in this regard..

Assess playing surfaces

Understanding the differences between playing surfaces, how players approach and perform on them can prove crucial to successful tennis betting.

Want to learn more? We believe in responsible gambling and at topsportsbettingtips, we are convinced that a responsible gambler is an educated gambler. To learn more about how betting and the betting industry operates, visit the topsportsbettingtipsAcademy and read our tennis betting guide.


Most of the world’s biggest bookmakers provide a deep menu of betting markets for tennis tournaments at all levels, ATP, WTA, or otherwise. When choosing a bookmaker for tennis betting, there are a few key points to consider. Chief of these are:

1. Odds

2. Markets

3. Tournaments

While every bookmaker offers odds on tennis, odds can differ from bookmaker to bookmaker. Decide upon which tennis tournaments and markets you want to bet on, and shop around for the bookmakers offering the best odds on those.

If you prefer traditional markets such as Match Result, you’ll want to find a bookmaker consistently exceeding competing bookmakers for odds listed in this market.
If you prefer to bet on Challenger events, you’ll want to find a bookmaker offering superior odds on these tournaments.

Likewise, if you enjoy live betting, you may want to sign up with a bookmaker offering tennis live streaming.

To find the perfect bookmaker for your tennis betting, read our blog section for more info.